Liliya Sherman

Liliya Sherman


We are in the business of servicing every facet of your real estate transaction. That concept has driven our growth, making us one of the top real estate offices in the entire area. Our rate of repeat business and referrals is testimony to our impeccable reputation over two decades. 

We believe that the trust built between customers, clients and agents pays dividends. Our agents are dedicated to doing their personal and professional best to discover the perfect house for each and every customer or client. Put our professional team to work for you. 

We are proud of :

  • Our reputation for hard work and professionalism 
  • Our outstanding sales records year-after-year 
  • Our broad network of contacts and returning clients 
  • Our large share of the area's real estate market 
  • Our Realtors are Your Partners - Every Step of the Way
  • The fully licensed and credentialed agents at Sherman Realty subscribe to the highest standards of their profession. They have experience, deep local knowledge and a proven track record on the North Shore. 

Your Sherman Realty will:

  • Show you properties which fit your needs and budget - with enthusiasm and professionalism until you find what you are looking for 
  • Alert you immediately when appropriate properties come on the market 
  • Introduce you to the communities and their resources 
  • Help you evaluate properties in light of the market and the history of property in the area 
  • Guide you throughout the bidding process and negotiations 
  • Inform you about pre-approval, financing, legal representation, inspection - even moving 
  • Communicate closely with you every step of the way - in a way that is most convenient and effective for you 
  • Respect your privacy, holding in strict confidence your personal and financial information 
  • Each step of the way, we are legally, ethically and morally looking out for your very best interests. 

Our goals:

  • To help you set the optimum price for your property 
  • To attract as many qualified buyers as possible to your home until it is sold 
  • To communicate with you, the client, fully and often 
  • To help you get the highest possible dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems in the shortest possible time 
  • Promoting Your Property 
  • Marketing your property is our business. We take it seriously. No avenue is left unexplored in the effort to find your buyer. 
  • Registering your property with Multiple Listing Service 
  • Open Houses and Caravans - showcasing your property to colleagues 
  • Continuous and Extensive Advertising

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781-479-0802 - fax