Houseplants: 5 Virtually Un-Killable Houseplants That Are Easy to Grow

by Liliya Sherman 10/10/2021

If all it takes is one wrong look for your houseplants to turn brown and die, then you need something a bit more forgiving. Not all indoor plants are built the same, however. Some demand the perfect amount of light and water plus endless attention while others are happy being left alone. Wondering which won’t give you a hard time? Here’s a look at five houseplants that are perfect for new gardeners.


Pothos is an attractive vine with solid green or variegated leaves that beautifully cascade down the sides of the pot. You can put these chill plants basically anywhere except in direct sunlight. Even better, they are not picky about their soil quality or watering schedule. Just give them attention occasionally, and they will stay green and keep growing at a decent rate. They are poisonous, however, so keep them well out of the way of children and pets, especially as their vines grow toward the ground.


Also fondly known as ZZ Plants, Zamioculcas feature woody stems highlighted by shiny, dark green leaves. They are fine to sit in low light areas and don’t even mind if you forget to water them for stretches at a time. Since they don’t grow fast, you don’t even need to worry about repotting them. Just put them on a tall shelf and let them do their thing. They are toxic, so be sure to wash up after handling them.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus have gorgeous green stalks that produce bright pink or lilac flowers right around the holidays. Although they are from the succulent family, they are easygoing plants with a love for dappled sunlight and high humidity levels. They can be kept on a low plant stand since they are not toxic to people or pets. If you want a lot of blooms each season, keep them cool as the buds start to form.

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plants have gorgeous light and dark green leaves separated by bright red ribs. They are the perfect choice if you’re prone to over watering your plants since they like moist, well-draining soil. Beyond that, just stick them in a warm area with plenty of indirect sunlight each day. You do not need to worry about keeping them away from kids and pets since they are not toxic.

Cast-Iron Plant

The Cast-Iron Plant definitely lives up to its name since it is virtually indestructible. Even if you put this leafy green plant in a dark corner and nearly forget about it, it will keep on thriving with occasional watering. If you want to go above and beyond in its care, keep it in a warm place year-round and provide liquid fertilizer once a month. Its spotted leaves are non-toxic, so don’t worry about putting them up out of reach.

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